Water Damage Photo Gallery

Water damage to sheetrock

Getting to the Heart of the Matter

Water Damage Restoration in Las Vegas, NV

Water damage can be incredibly pervasive and damaging to the structure of your home. That's why our teams work tirelessly to identify and address not only the immediate problem, but the root issue. Whether your home has been affected by a flood, plumbing break, or other water-related disaster, SERVPRO is here to help!

water damage in entry way.

Hallway Water Damage

When water damage affects floors, the cleanup can be straightforward, but the walls are a different problem. Our highly trained professionals bring expertise and equipment to the table to remediate the damage and protect the home from ongoing damage. 

Water stains on ceiling.

Holiday Water Cleanup

Our SERVPRO of Northwest Las Vegas crew can help with all your water cleanup needs this holiday season. When we say we are ¨Faster To Any Size Disaster,¨ we mean it!

Team member in PPE on a mold job.

Mold Remediation Experts in Las Vegas

If you discover a mold infestation in your home or business in Las Vegas, call our SERVPRO of Northwest Las Vegas team! Our crew is highly trained and experienced in mold remediation and cleanup.

flooded bedroom

SERVPRO of Northwest Las Vegas are the Restoration Experts

Water mitigation is a process that removes water and moisture from a water damaged area of a home or business. When done properly, the affected areas are completely dry and secondary damage like mold growth will have been prevented. Let SERVPRO of Northwest Las Vegas be the first call you make when your home or business has been affected by water damage. Our team of dedicated water restoration experts will follow the proper water mitigation process and we will use all state of the art equipment to get your home or business dried the right way.

Pink walls with a toilet and green air movers on the floor.

Rebuild Program With State Farm

Our customer had a large leak coming up from the floors of their bathroom. The tile will need to be replaced, fortunately, we have our new State Farm rebuild program in place. This restroom looked like brand new when we were done with it! 

Green air movers on the ground indoors.

Water Damage In your Business

Water damage affecting your business? We've got all the equipment and the safety protocols to restore your property today. SERVPRO of Northwest Las Vegas has the expert training and technicians to get the job done immaculately. We are with you from start to finish, from restoration to reconstruction. "Like it never even happened." 

White wall with water mark.

North Las Vegas Water Leaks

Water damage inside your home is no joke. That's why we are on call 24/7 to better serve our customers. Water leaks at the most inconvenient of times, call a team that you can trust! (702) 453-8870

Green air movers on a concrete floor.

Natural Water Source

The main difference between a water damage and flood damage is where the cater comes from. Flood damage comes from a natural water source. Water damage is man made. Do you think this is Storm or Water Damage? If you answered storm, you are incorrect. What we have here is a man made water leak that originated in the restroom.

Room with flood cuts and an open door.

Assess Damages

We recommend doing the following to add to a commercial property's yearly maintenance plan:  -Improve Air Quality -Regulate Humidity Levels -Address Water Damage Immediately   When you notice mold growth on a commercial property, contact SERVPRO of Northwest Las Vegas. We are an expert mold remediation service here to clean and assess damages.

Hallway with flood cuts in the wall.

Las Vegas Damage

Water damage doesn't work with schedules! Our teams were recently onsite to help when water damage affected a local Vegas home. If you experience water damage of any degree, give us a call: (702) 778-9451

Containment on a moldy wall.

Mold Removal Certification

The industry's certifying organization, The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification—conducts a mold certification exam to verify that a technician-candidate fully meets state licensing requirements. For a firm to be certified by the IICRC, it must employ one or more certified mold removal technicians at each of their locations.

Room with exposed wall structures.

Prevent Mold & Termites

SERVPRO of Northwest Las Vegas is your local water damage restoration and reconstruction provider. Water leaks spread very faster. Time is of the essence to prevent microbial growths and termite damage. Call today to learn more about how we can help.

Checkerboard floor with green SERVPRO equipment.

Northwest Las Vegas

Give our team at SERVPRO of Northwest Las Vegas a call today for an estimate on your water restoration cleanup emergency in Northwest Las Vegas and surrounding areas. We are "faster to any size disaster!"

Hallway with flood cuts.

Water Mitigation & Complete Renovation

We are the experts when it comes to water removal and water damage. Water took over this hallway which required professional water mitigation services and a complete renovation of the space. You can trust SERVPRO to get the job done right!

Flooded room

Our Forte

Water Restoration

Water cleanup and reconstruction services are SERVPRO of Northwest Las Vegas's forte. Call today to learn more. Team Zachary not only will find the problem and repair it, they will also reconstruct your space so that it looks as good as new! 

Church pews sitting in water.

De-laminating Material

Water damage causes destruction such as rotting wood, mold growth, rusting and the de-laminating of material if not taken care of properly & in a timely manner. Contact SERVPRO of Northwest Las Vegas if your property has undergone a water leak.

Water heater in a room with concrete floors.

Main Water Line

Water heater leaks can turn into a real mess. If you notice yours is leaking it's important to shut off the main water line. As you can see in this home the walls are having to be rebuilt due to water damage

Multiple flood cuts in a room.

Water Loss Inside a Home

Water Damage? No problem! Our team is well versed in their areas of expertise. Once your property has been restored from water damage we can begin our repairing the floors and walls. Contact our team today for a free quote! (702) 453-8870

Flooded office space in Northwest Las Vegas.

Office Flooding

Beware of gradual water damage. When pipes leak over time and cause damage to the walls & floors, claims are more likely to be denied by insurance companies. Mold can also begin to grow at a high rate, which raises your restoration cost.

Stage with water on the floor.

Vegas Show Water Leak

The show must not go on with a water leak! Let SERVPRO get to the source of the damage, so "break a leg" is still a joke and not a reality. Contact our team today: (702) 778-9451

ceiling caving in

Water Damage

A large water loss caused the ceiling to cave in. When pipes break, especially in multi level structures it can be a real nuisance. Call your local SERVPRO today so we can make it "Like it never even happened." (702) 778 9451

Hallway with plastic wrap on the walls and a ladder at the end.

Commercial Water Loss

Water Loss

On site of a large water loss. Commercial water damage restoration & cleanup is no problem for our SERVPRO of Northwest Las Vegas crew! More often than not we discover mold when we come to restore properties. Our technicians here to help!

Ceiling has been removed and a tall ladder is on the floor.

Sagging Drywall

This ceiling was sagging after the home suffered water loss. SERVPRO of Northwest Las Vegas made the decision to remove and replace the ceiling. Our team is sure to get this home back to its preloss condition. 

Hallway with water on the floor.

Flood Cuts

Commercial water restoration is something our team deals with almost daily. Our technicians are experienced and ICRC certified. Call SERVPRO of Northwest Las Vegas for your water cleanup and restoration needs today! (702) 453-8870

Drywall has been destroyed.

Drywall Destroyed

After twenty four hours drywall begins to swell and break down. Water quickly spreads once a leak has sprung. It will spread through your property saturating everything in its path. Give our team a ring for your water damage restoration needs.

How to clean up was in Northwest Vegas

SERVPRO of Northwest Las Vegas was called to this home to cleanup water damage after a small pipe break. Our team was able to extract all of the water and then place plenty of drying equipment. 

Living room water damage

SERVPRO was called to help complete the restoration process on this Las Vegas home recently. Our team arrived to locate the source of the damages, and then begin drying and cleaning the affected area. If you have questions about the water damage restoration process. Do not hesitate to reach out at anytime. 

Dining Room Post Mitigation

After a water loss, this living room had significant water damage.  The floor was covered in water and walls were stained from water.  The team tore out the drywall and flooring down to the studs to dry and prep for rebuild. 

Water Damage In Northwest Las Vegas

This home in Las Vegas had water damage caused by a pipe break. In this picture you can see that we are in the process of drying up the excess moisture. After we dried the moisture we were able to begin the restoration processs

Checking For Moisture In Water Damaged Home

This home was damaged by water when a pipe broke. In this picture, one of our technicians is checking for moisture to know what was affected so that we can repair it. If there is moisture, we find it all!

Water Wicking Up Walls

This is a picture from our thermal camera that displays water wicking up the walls. We quickly extracted and got air flow going in the wall cavities to minimize further damages. 

Water Damage in Northwest Las Vegas Home

Our crew used a thermal camera to detect hidden water damage behind the drywall. Once we were able to determine where the water was coming from we were able to being the mitigation process. 

Water Damage

This water heater had a leak that eventually lead to significant mold behind the walls. SERVPRO of Downtown Northwest Las Vegas was quick to respond and start minimizing damages. We were proud to get this situation under control immediately. 

A big spot of black mold.

Mold Damage

This is some severe mold that was found in a commercial business beneath a wall. SERVPRO of Northwest Las Vegas was able to mitigate the damages and get this business back to normal very quickly. 

Broken backsplash with an outlet.

Water Damage in Las Vegas Kitchen

Las Vegas homeowner discovered water damage behind the backsplash in his kitchen.

The junction of the tile and the drywall showed moisture. The Owner was very concerned because an electrical outlet was located in the immediate are of the water damage. He contacted SERVPRO of Northwest Las Vegas and we immediately dispatched equipment and crew to his home. The picture shows that we removed the effected drywall and some tile. The drywall was damaged and the drywall behind a portion of the tile was damaged. We are able to locate the source of the water and how far it has spread with moisture detection devices. This allows us to target and remove only the water damaged wall area. If you have a concern about water damage in your business or home, call SERVPRO of Northwest Las Vegas 24/7 at (702) 453-8870. We will hurry to help.