Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Wall with mold all over it.

Fungal Spores

Mold Remediation

If you see mold growing, make sure none of the pipes near the source are leaking. After calling a restoration professional, air out the area to prevent moisture so the fungal spores will not keep growing.

Cream colored wall with a tarp secured to it.

Sealed off the Scene

Mold Damage Remediation

Our technicians have sealed off this area before proceeding with subsequent restoration steps. Mold is often accompanied by a source of water. When our team arrives on scene they look locate the source, secure the area, and begin to remediation the mold damage. 

Shower with a moldy floor.

Presence of Mold

When the presence of mold is overwhelming it can become a hazardous environment that the occupants of the home should not be staying in. SERVPRO of Northwest Las Vegas is on call twenty four seven for all of your restoration needs. Whether is may be water, mold, or fire damage we have your back. Our crew is on call nights, weekends, and holidays so that we can keep you safe! 

Wall covered in mold.

Microbial Growths

When a mass amounts of mold clumps together it can indicate a long duration of a wet climate. Over time the damp environment will often propagate mold growth. SERVPRO of Northwest Las Vegas mold remediation experts are highly trained and ready to go. 

Mold damage in home

This home in Las Vegas had a massive amount of mold damage. Our team was quick to respond and begin the mitigation process. It is critical to make sure all proper steps are taken care of when dealing with a mold loss. 

Extreme Mold Growth

In this picture, you can see extreme mold growth that has caused a serious loss in this home. This was a particularly large job, but our technicians are experts in mold remediation. If you have a mold problem, call us!

Mold Remediation In Las Vegas Home

This homeowner called us and was extremely concerned after finding this mold growing in her home in Las Vegas. We removed all the mold and damaged material, and then restored the home, leaving the homeowner very relieved.

Mold Damage in Building

Microbial Growth can be stressful to deal with. SERVPRO of Northwest Las Vegas has the perfect team to help from start to finish identify and get rid of the mold. 

Mold in Home

This is a picture of Mold in a home. After the Environmental Hygienist recommended a treatment process, SERVPRO was able to come in and make it "Like it never even happened."

Mold in the Kitchen

This job had a lot of Mold in the kitchen and SERVPRO was called to help with the remediation. We made sure to document photos before during and after to make sure the client was happy.